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A little about my "why"...

Since 2009, I’ve been helping people of all ages with all types of conditions work toward optimal functioning through developing personal relationships, understanding their habits and lifestyle, listening to their experience, and helping them set and reach goals. I've treated in outpatient, home healthcare, and residential long term care settings, and gained valuable experience from each patient and family I've met.

We have 3 kids aged 4 to 9 years and they’ve been my greatest teachers thus far. Just as every kiddo is unique in their personalities, they're equally unique in their challenges. My oldest was a 32-week preemie. My second and third girls each had tethered oral tissues (tongue and lip ties) which, if you aren’t familiar, are actually quite common but not often diagnosed, treated, or fully rehabbed.

It took literally a village (my supportive and amazing IBCLC [international board-certified lactation consultant] and pediatrician, a physical therapist and a pediatric dentist) to help me through each challenging nursing situation from pumping around the clock in the NICU to managing the difficulties of tongue-tied wee ones. I became something of a student of breastfeeding, and have come to understand the connections between the restrictions which cause tethered oral tissues and the impact on the rest of the body.

The reason I am sharing these very personal stories of struggle is for those parents who are feeling frustrated or unheard. For those who may be feeling like the "natural" experience of breastfeeding is just not "clicking" for them. Just as our village helped us, I want to help other families achieve their goals, and as a lactation-informed PT (together with your peds, LC and ideally some other professionals), I am positioned to help you and your baby get there.

As part of my practice treating general orthopedic concerns, I also offer evaluation and treatment for breastfeeding parents/infants who may be struggling due to tethered oral tissues, positioning, or other tissue restrictions.

For those new parents who are navigating the challenges of the fourth trimester, I also offer pelvic health services. Parent and babe evaluated and treated, together in the same session, all in the comfort of your home.

Contact me to learn more.

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Photo: Megan Powers, 2019

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