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What You Need To Know

How can I start working with you?

Get in touch! Contact me through the "Let's Begin Together" link at the top of this page, call or text me at the number at the bottom of this page, like and follow me on social media and reach out there! Send out morse code, ESP, a candygram...whatever you gotta do, just call me!

What should I prepare for my initial evaluation?

  1. Decide on your preferred treatment setting. Depending on the issue you'd like addressed, I can see you at home, at your office, or maybe where you play a sport or do your work or hobby (Do you work in a non-traditional setting? Let's see if it can work!).

  2. Wear comfy clothes (I like to!). You may need to have certain body areas accessible to the therapist, depending on what's being examined/treated.

  3. Keep an open mind! This will be a new experience, and hopefully one that will change your life for the better.​​

What happens during a pelvic floor eval?

You can expect the same thorough history taking, active listening, movement assessment, and attention to detail that I provide at every evaluation. If you would like an internal assessment of the pelvic floor tissues, you may opt for that (we will likely discuss this BEFORE I even show up). If that’s “not part of your journey today” that’s 100% cool with me. I feel very confident we can come to an understanding of where your issues are coming from using a variety of other assessments, and make a start toward recovering or healing. I will look at you as a whole person and help you restore function and reach your individual goals, taking into account the many factors that contribute to why you may be having dysfunction.
I’ll ensure that you have the means to treat yourself, without having to rely on weeks and weeks of sessions with interventions that only a therapist can provide. You get simple, effective, patient-centric treatment that you carry over on your own for maximal benefit. That’s PT that meets you where you’re at! ➡️💚⬅️

Do you take insurance?

PWPT has chosen to operate out of network with health insurance at this time. Meaning, we don't take insurance, just self-pay. I know, at first this might seem...different. But, it's ACTUALLY easier for you (and me, but mainly you).

I've posted a short blog article about the myriad reasons why self-pay PT might be the better choice for you (or why not!), but before you make a decision, let's talk! Head over to the contact page and shoot me a message about your PT issue and we'll find out if it's a fit.

What COVID precautions are taken?

I am happy to disclose that I am fully vaccinated (2 doses of Moderna, plus a Moderna booster). 
In addition, I remain masked at all times while in client's homes. I sanitize all equipment and utilize sanitary procedures throughout sessions.
I don't require it, but GREATLY appreciate when clients mask as well.
Clients fill out a COVID attestation before evaluation, and periodically thereafter at the discretion of treating therapist.

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