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Humblebrag alert: Here's what some of my clients, peers, and friends have to say.
Grateful for the opportunity to work with a variety of amazing humans.

To say Meg is thorough would be an understatement. While she is clearly an expert physical therapist, her approach to truly understanding her patients is holistic, equal parts scientifically inquisitive and genuinely compassionate for your story.

AK, Google review

My wife and I contacted Meg after discovering her Instagram page for a consultation regarding our newborn's reflux and oral motor function. Meg was quick to respond and was able to come out and perform a full evaluation on our daughter. She was very open to questions and provided a lot of resources/activities for us to work on. Meg is knowledgeable and skilled but is most importantly caring and compassionate. She has even been checking in on us to see how things have been progressing. Recommend her services 100%!

JB, Google review

Prior to Meg I had been in PT for 12 months continuously (with 3 different PTs), including time spent trying to avoid surgery and time spent post-surgery...(hip labral tear and femoral arthroplasty)...I decided it couldn’t hurt to have a new set of eyes and fresh perspective... After one session I was starting to see improvements that I hadn’t made in over a year of care prior... Within weeks of the second visit my improvement has turned into resolution of issues! The movements Meg has me doing...are clearly addressing the crux of my issues that no one was able to hone in on in my 12 month PT journey...

To say I am shocked that I can live without pain (sitting, sleeping) AND thrive in my activities (CrossFit, weightlifting, running, biking) pain free would be an understatement. I had given up hope and then Meg came along and made it a reality.
I can’t express how much I recommend Meg. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner in my journey, but I’m so glad I decided to try someone new and that I now have Meg as a resource.

SS, Google review

After my lumpectomy and lymph node removal surgery in May, I was experiencing a lot of restricted mobility, particularly when lifting my arms overhead. It really impacted my daily life, so I reached out to Meg for help. We've done a number of different therapies on my arms, shoulders, and neck and I have regained full mobility in such a short time!...I cannot say enough good things about Meg and her vast PT knowledge, her creativity in finding solutions for a wide array of problems, her kindness and professionalism, and the list goes on.

SG, Facebook review

Meg saw me for a vestibular problem and she played a crucial part in my diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. I’ve had experiences in the past where I leave a PT office fairly confused and my experience with Meg was so much better! She provided documentation via email of everything we discussed and pictures/directions to help me moving forward. She’s brilliant. I absolutely recommend Provenance Wellness & PT.

AP, Google review

Meg was so helpful when I experienced reoccurring mastitis. She was able to help clear it as well as teach me a number of techniques to manage when it happened. Additionally, she checked in after appointments and made herself available to answer questions over the phone. I'm so grateful I was put in touch with her from my lactation consultant. She helped keep my breastfeeding journey going!

MG, Google review

My family is so grateful for Dr. Meg!
In only two appointments she was able to help me make great strides after years of chiropractic care and unsuccessful PT for a long term knee issue.
Our first session was at 6 months postpartum so she also evaluated my baby. Dr. Meg was able to assist her with leg tension that was preventing transitioning from sitting to crawling. This made for a very happy baby!
Recently I had a mystery wrist strain - which is impossible to manage while wrangling a very mobile and active one year old. She came out promptly and patiently evaluated albeit numerous interruptions with my kids present.
I appreciate how she puts me at ease and gives clear evaluations and exercises. Do not wait to call!

CB, Facebook review

Although I fancied myself an experienced breastfeeding mom, I was still having issues related to painful and shallow latching. The fact that Meg was able to make a house call was an incredible addition to the already wealth of information she was able to provide. She was patient, nonjudgmental, and realistic. I find these traits difficult to come by in the world of breastfeeding. I sincerely appreciate her expertise. I believe she is a major reason that I have been able to make it 13+ months breastfeeding! I would recommend her to anyone!

KR, Google review

I wholeheartedly recommend Meg and Provenance PT. Meg was professional, knowledgeable, warm, and patient....She helped me resolve some tension headaches that I had been unsuccessfully working to figure out for months and I am so grateful!...The convenience of the visits (not needing to arrange childcare!), Meg’s functional approach, and care that she took to address my concerns were absolutely worth the investment.

JG, Google review

Meg is an excellent PT. She is so incredibly knowledgeable about everything PT related (everything may seem like an exaggeration but it's true!) and she is so generous in sharing that knowledge. I really appreciated the fact that she came to my house and worked with my schedule (and my interrupting children!)...I never felt rushed. She is smart, patient, and thorough - an amazing PT!

KR, Google review

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