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Ready for your new beginning?

Coaching. Consultation. Cheer section.

Everything you need to grow your very own lactation-informed therapy practice.

Coaching: Welcome
Baby Stretches


A comprehensive business and clinical coaching framework designed for the clinician interested in getting started in becoming a lactation-informed therapist AND bad ass boss! Guidance to help you stay motivated and focused to start and grow your own practice and build a network of peers in your shoes to collaborate with!


You are:

Learning more and more about lactation-informed therapy and you want to know how to get started helping babies feed well...

An experienced PT, OT, or SLP who is fascinated by human biology, development, and nurturing through nourishment...

Looking to start the practice you’ve always dreamed of: professionally fulfilling, flexible, lucrative, with potential for growth or sustainable and satisfying as a solo venture...

Obsessed with supporting parents to confidently cultivate kiddos who thrive...

AND you want to do it in your own practice, your way. 

You'll get:

7 group sessions + 2 1:1 calls

Private community channel for collaborative discussion and support

Key topics:

  • What is lactation-informed therapy?

  • Head to toe evaluation

  • Connecting the body to the mouth

  • Observing feedings

  • Oral reflexes

  • Oral motor concepts

  • Norms and dysfunction

  • The Dyad

  • Dysregulation

  • Practical pearls

  • PLUS: ​

    • Getting off the ground

    • Leveraging resources

    • Focusing your niche

    • Setting your fee schedule

    • Marketing strategies

    • Ethical considerations

Coaching: Resources
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