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Five Weeks and a Day - A NICU Story - Day 35

Day 35 - September 17, 2014

The discharge planning nurse puts me in touch with the medical supply company who will set us up with the home monitoring equipment. My insurance benefit only pays 50% of the cost of this equipment, so each month we will pay $118.00 to rent this noise box, plus $77.00 each time they need to download and interpret the results. Downloads are done every few weeks and the results are interpreted by a company that works with Nemours/A.I.Dupont. Their specialists relay the interpretation to our pediatrician, who makes the call based on the recommendations and readings on how to proceed with treatment, whether it is medication changes or when to discontinue the monitor. Tomorrow, we need to meet with a technician from the monitor company who will review how to use the monitor.

"She may not always listen to you, but she CAN hear you!"

LoLa's nurse updates us on how she had done overnight. She had 2 large feedings, followed by some oxygen desaturations which she felt were reflux related and thought she ought to mention it to the doctor. Later, I ask the doctor flat out, does LoLa have a diagnosis of reflux?, and he says no. He does not observe the typical signs of discomfort during or after feeding, crying, arching of the back, etc.

LoLa also had a hearing screen overnight which the nurse informs us she passed. She adds, "She may not always listen to you, but she CAN hear you!"

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