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Things to Come

I had great intentions to share a post specifically dedicated to my personal experience with breastfeeding because of Breastfeeding Week/Month. But August is... well, August. August is a crazy month of for a lot of us, especially those with kids because of the weird transitions of vacations that often happen in August, that annoying lack of childcare in the couple weeks between when camps end and school begins, and all that goes in to Back To School. For our family, there are two very special birthdays in August, our oldest and middle girls. Their birthdays are exactly two weeks apart, and my middle's bday falls on our wedding anniversary (so... goodbye anniversary celebrations for a while). In any case, while there is lots to celebrate and be happy about, there are lots of distraction, anxiety, and honestly fear this year as we prepare for back to school. So "blogging" got away from me.

But, I do have a very important story to share. A few years ago, I shared a series of posts on social media that told the story of our time in the NICU after LoLa, our oldest, was born prematurely. We received such an overwhelmingly wonderful response to the posts. It was meant as a celebration of her in honor of NICU Awareness Month (September), but it morphed into a memoir of sorts, and I wanted to retell it in a single space. Eventually, when I have my shit really together (LOL when might that be?), I plan to put it together in a little photo book for her, but for now, this'll do.

So beginning September 1 (and carrying into October), in honor of NICU awareness month, I will be retelling our story of the five weeks and one day we cared for LoLa in the neonatal ICU. I invite you to follow along and let us know your thoughts and feels in the comments, as LoLa is now old enough to read and would love to hear how her story impacts you!

How it started...

How it's going!


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