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Five Weeks and a Day - A NICU Story - Days 4 & 5

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

I have missed a few days here as our home took a direct hit by the EF2 tornado caused by Hurricane Ida. (Photos on my IG: @provenancewellnesspt) I am still without internet but we are back online with power thanks to the tireless work of amazing guys from Holland Power Services out of Canada and Maine. The community response has been incredible, and I trust our local officials are working on solutions to get the kids back in school (two schools were horribly damaged and are unusable for the foreseeable future), as well as provide The necessary resources the residents here need.

We are incredibly grateful for the way friends and family have come together and surrounded us in their care and support, JUST as they did seven years ago while we were enduring the difficulties I write about in this blog series. We were humbled then, and are humbled now, by the incredible selflessness and generosity of spirit of our loved ones, of acquaintances, and of strangers alike, who all came together then, just like they are now, to help a family in need.


Day 4 - August 17, 2014

LoLa at bath time. She is so skinny and small, and looks even smaller without all the apparatus. It looks like the IV is hurting her arm which bothers me. She is taking about

4 to 6 milliliters at a time of my milk through her NG tube.